The Happy List

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  1. Hanging the clean washing outside in the sunshine. It was one of the first times this year and it makes all the difference
  2. Sitting and listening to the church bells on Lily and I’s recent walk
  3. Using Dada’s old camera and the same strap that went around his neck. He was the best photographer and I am really trying to learn. It makes me so happy that I can use the very camera he used for all those years.
  4. The sun, it really lightens my mood
  5. Starting to tidy up the garden and start working towards getting to how we want it.

Saturday Stroll


DSC_0217 (3)

Today has been a beautiful one. Who would have thought we would have such amazing weather in mid April? I have a feeling we may have skipped the April showers this year.

Ian was out with his family this Saturday so that left Lily and I to entertain ourselves. As it was such a glorious day we decided to take a stroll to one of our favourite places: Frenchay Village.


Frenchay is on the outskirts of the city however you feel as if you have stumbled back in time. The houses and surroundings are beautiful, this truly is one magical place.


Ian and I always say one day we will live here, in one of the little cottages. We can but dream.


As we were walking the church bells were ringing. I don’t know what it is but something about the sound of church bells really makes me happy. I think it reminds me of when I was growing up at home in Shropshire; if I opened my bedroom window on a summers evening I could hear the church bells from our local church ringing.



Even the ducks came to say hello

Lily isn’t used to long walks anymore, although she is a greyhound who can run at 40 mph. She actually enjoys a quick trot and then a few hours of sleeping on the sofa now she is in her old age. So we took a leisurely walk back home in the evening sunshine.


The Weekend


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This weekend I visited my home town. Lily and I make the trip to Shropshire at least once a month to visit the family, this time it was my mum’s birthday. She has turned the big 6-5 and therefore treated it as a special occasion.

Saturday consisted mostly of pottering around the town and soaking up the glorious spring sunshine in the beer garden of our local pub and a picnic in the park. It was a beautiful day full of happiness. However later in the afternoon mum got a twig in her eye and we ended the day in a&e but that’s another story…..

Sunday we were supposed to be visiting the beach but because of the minor eye incident the day before we decided to stay close to home and visit a nearby Welsh village (town?) Llangollen. This village has always been a favourite of mine ever since I was small; I remember Sunday afternoons with my grandparents visiting here. My granddad AKA Dada would always buy me an ice-cream and we would sit overlooking the river. This was quite a regular occurrence as it was also a favourite of my Dada’s.

Llangollen (2)

Llangollen’s main feature is its trains and canal.

Llagollen 4 (2)

Llangollen 3 (2)

The horse drawn canal boats are my favourite, I do wonder the horses are strong enough to pull the canal boats and not hurt themselves but they assured me they are.

Llangollen (3)

Llangollen 5 (2)

And after that it was time to go home for a Sunday roast and the long drive back to the west country.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend.