I choose to be happy
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I have always been a person who is generally quite positive however of late I have been picking up bad habits and have been falling into a negativity trap. This has also led to my happiness slowly seeping away.

I put a lot of this down to social media. You see a lot of the good part of people’s lives on social media which is great however it does tend to mean you compare yourself to others. Why isn’t my house as nice as theirs, why isn’t my hair as pretty, how can they afford to jet off to all these amazing places etc etc. I realised seeing all these things daily just made me feel bad.  And so I have deleted all social media apps from my phone. I know that lots of people have this idea and I really do think its helped.

I am also trying to see positives in every day things. This could be anything from the colour of the sky  to the nice food I ate or the fact I had time to come back during lunch and walk Lily around the park.

Another habit that started creeping in was at the beginning of the day reeling off the list of things I had to do that day in my head. They usually consist of things I didn’t want to do (usually things to do with work). This means that my day had already got started on a bad note. I now wake up and try and think positively to the morning coffee I am about to drink and the nice snuggles I am having off Lily before getting up. There will be things in my day that I am really dreading however I am no longer letting this affect the whole of my day, waiting for it to happen or dwelling on it after it’s done.

I am now making a real conscious effort to bring positivity back into my day to day and I do think its working. I wake up and feel better for it, my days are slightly brighter and I am not as emotional.

The next step will be to view my life as my own and not let other things cloud my judgement and happiness. I do think this little blog could help, it’s jotting down all my happy adventures and thoughts and therefore that can’t be a bad thing, can it? 🙂


The Happy List


Be happy with your beautiful life
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  1. The start of Autumn. It’s my favourite season, the smell in the air, the colours of the leaves and the misty mornings.
  2. Getting out all the blankets, I really love getting cosy.
  3. Getting back into Game of Thrones. I’m about to start season 7.
  4. Spending a day of foraging with Ian on Sunday. We’ve collected enough apples for crumble every week for the next couple of months
  5. Starting this blog again.


So that lasted long

Fresh Start#Blogging Fail

I really did start this blog with high expectations. I thought I was going to post twice weekly and I had all these ideas. But I failed!

I was going to write in the evenings and take pictures at the weekends, I was going to connect with new people. Instead I’ve watched Gilmore Girls on repeat (Errr no I’m not a complete loser).

This blogging thing is actually pretty difficult. Bloggers make it look so easy. Photography is hard too, even with my super duper old photography a level (I cant remember anything, not a thing)!

I would like to try again. I want to post about my adventures and look back and reminisce years later.

So take two…….

The Happy List

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  1. Hanging the clean washing outside in the sunshine. It was one of the first times this year and it makes all the difference
  2. Sitting and listening to the church bells on Lily and I’s recent walk
  3. Using Dada’s old camera and the same strap that went around his neck. He was the best photographer and I am really trying to learn. It makes me so happy that I can use the very camera he used for all those years.
  4. The sun, it really lightens my mood
  5. Starting to tidy up the garden and start working towards getting to how we want it.